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The Plant employs well trained workforce to deliver qualitative products. The Plant is having a State of the Art Manufacturing plant for Production of Highly sustainable module mountings.

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We are successful in manufacturing, supplying and designing of module mounting structure to the clients. The structure is manufactured using superior quality materials and parts. The offered structure is useful for entire type of installation be it commercial or industrial.

NABL Certification ISO / IEC

We are committed to achieve ever increasing level of customer’s satisfaction through continuous updating of our products and services by improving the effectiveness of Quality management

German Solar (Pvte) Limited

Optimized energy solution of PV development

Highly High Performance Protective Coatings. guaranteed.


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Energy Solution of PV Development German Solar (Pvte) Limited

German Solar is one of the division of German Polymers & Coatings (Pvte) Limited . German Solar optimized energy solution of PV development, Our vision is to develop solar structures from renewable energy resources and make then affordable and accessible for every users.

German Solar has many unique solutions which can be assembled into a variety of structures to accommodate most job sites. German Solar provides a technical support system complete with installation and code compliance documentation and design assistance to help you solve the toughest challenges. We are a leading player in the solar industry and have rapidly gained popularity among system integrator, installers and distributors across India. We are innovating and supplying high level renewable energy technologies and products with the vision of making renewable energy more affordable and accessible.

We offer optimized energy solution of PV development. Our experts develop on power paint energy model ensuring that delivered performance equals predicted performance resulting in verified asset value for the plant owner over the span of 25 years. Our vision is to develop solar structures from renewable energy resources and make them affordable and accessible for every users.


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Sector We Focus

Ground Module Mounting Structures

German Solar is a leading Design Manufacturing and Supply of peerless ground mounting Solar structures.

Car Port Rooftop Module Mounting

Car Port Rooftop Module Mounting Structures are dual functioning. They support solar panels while providing a shaded area for vehicles beneath it

RCC Rooftop Module Mounting

RCC Rooftop has abundance of sunlight exposure, making it an efficient source for mounting solar panels for energy productions.

Solar Pump Module Mounting Structures

Agriculture is the backbone of our country and water is its vital need. Since many remote area and forest that are best suitable for agriculture purposes .

Aluminium Structures

German Solar is pioneer in supplying Aluminium Mini Rails / Short Rails for GI Sheet Metal Roof Projects. Our Quality Aluminium Mini Rails / Short Rails has been designed for harsh conditions to fix solar modules.