Quality Policy

we are committed to achieve ever increasing level of customer’s satisfaction through continuous updating of their products, services by improving the effectiveness of Quality management

The Safest Factory

The Plant employs well trained workforce to deliver qualitative products. The Company is having a State of the Art Manufacturing plant for Production of High Performance Protective Coatings

NABL Certification ISO / IEC

The Plant is certified for ISO 9001 -2015 and having a dedicated In-house laboratory with full-fledged equipment and apparatus for-Development of Paints NABL Certification and ISO / IEC 17025:2005

German Polymers and Coatings (Pvte) Limited

Highly High Performance Protective Coatings. guaranteed.

Highly High Performance Protective Coatings. guaranteed.


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High Performance Coatings German Polymers and Coatings (Pvte) Limited

German Polymers & Coatings (Pvte) Limited manufactures Paints including specialty varnishes and Thinners for Industrial/Automotive customers for both domestic and international applications.

German Polymers and Coatings (Pvte) Limited ® High Performance Coatings brand is backed by years of experience. It’s a brand well known for its pioneering spirit and commitment to quality. Always the innovator, the German Polymers and Coatings (Pvte) Limited ® High Performance Coatings has proven its leadership in the coatings industry by consistently producing ideas and products that enhance performance, reduce cost and minimize application problems.


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Sector We Focus



We provides a comprehensive range of products and techniques to protect construction industry machines from rusting .


Power & Energy

High quality paints and coatings material produced by German Polymers backed by support of our expert consultants to fulfill a whole range of Coatings & Paints Products.


Aero Space

We provide Paints and Coatings for Aerospace manufacturer. Our special grade High temperature Coatings are being used in commercial and military aerospace projects around the world.



We provides a wide range of high performance Coatings and paints for rail products and railway infrastructure services to the international rail industry.